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XNA Framework error

Some of the VisionBuilder procedures uses a Microsoft Technology called XNA Framework for better graphical performance. If procedures like Randot Duction, Tennis, and Tachistoscope fail to open while others work just fine, then you probably have not been able to install XNA Framework 4.0 during the VisionBuilder installation process.

Solution: Please make sure that Microsoft XNA Framework 4.0 has been installed properly. To be sure you can try to run the installation file from the link below:

Download and install Microsoft XNA Framework 4.0

Note! If you still have a problem after installing XNA Framework you need to check your Display Adapter Driver. It is possible that a Windows update error can change the driver to Standard VGA Graphics Adapter. This driver will not run advanced graphics like XNA Framework. Please consult your computer administrator before you make any changes to this driver.

If you need more help with this issue please send an e-mail to support@visionbuilder.no