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VisionBuilder prices

VisionBuilder Home
Unlimited use on one machine. This is for resale. Instruction for downloading and installing is included.

VisionBuilder Home Serial Key: 100.00 Euro
VisionBuilder Home Serial Key - order 5 or more: 50.00 Euro each
VisionBuilder Home Serial Key - order 10 or more: 40.00 Euro each
VisionBuilder Home Serial Key - order 50 or more: 35.00 Euro each

VisionBuilder Office
Unlimited use on up to 5 machines in one office.
(please contact us if you need to install on more than 5 machines in one office)
VisionBuilder Office Serial Key: 200.00 Euro

Optional extras
Red/Blue glasses: 12.00 Euro
(note that several of the VisionBuilder procedures require Red/Blue glasses)

VisionBuilder installation cd: 10.00 Euro
(optional for patients that prefer not to download the program)

Shipping and handling
Shipping and handling of red/blue glasses and installation cd's are free when ordering 20 or more Serial Keys