What Is VisionBuilder

The VisionBuilder program is designed to be an adjunct tool used as part of a comprehensive optometric vision therapy program.
Your optometrist will give you guidance as to which parts of the program are best suited to your specific needs and as such should be the one to tell you what levels and settings would be best for you and the continued development of your visual abilities.
You may use VisionBuilder as a stand-alone tool to improve your visual abilities, but the use of any computer program will never replace the need for a comprehensive vision therapy program.
If you do not have a license key this will be provided by your optometrist.

Web App

We have developed a web version that will run on the Internet browser regardless of the operating system. The Web App is now the default solution for VisionBuilder Home.

VisionBuilder Office
The office procedures are under development and we will soon add the option to monitor patients home results.
Please use your office license key if you want to register your account for the web app. We recommend using both the Web App and the desktop version of VisionBuilder Office in your clinic while the office procedures are being developed.

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